Jul 26

Iron Man Mark VII Unveiled UPDATE!

“Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Mark VII Limited Edition Collectible Figurine from the smash hit The Avengers movie. The movie-accurate Mark VII collectible is highly detailed and fully deployed, specially crafted based on the image of Robert Downey Jr. as the iconic character Mark VII in the movie, highlighting the highly detailed head sculpt, light-up functions and well equipped armor”


Iron Man is one of my all time favorite heroes next to deadpool and spiderman. Ive also noticed that a LOT of people literally EAT UP figures of him….ive only got one figure of him and it costed me a pretty penny to finally get my hands on. So this is going to be a figure to get ASAP so you dont pay a ridiculous amount for it later on.


I can not WAIT for this figure to add to my collection. so far from Iron man i have Tony Stark, Iron Man Mark IV and War Machine. I want to have like a small Iron Man Armory 😀 Now on to my only issue with this figure…The extra head sculpt

Here it is the Robert Downey Jr. As Tony Stark headsculpt. honestly to me it does not really look like him….and that smirk makes him look kind of creepy. i can understand that a normal just blank face would be too “typical” but cmon man Tony isnt a creepy perv right? I think if they want to give it a life like smirk they should go with the exact same smile/smirk Hot Toys used for the DX Jack Sparrow they released not too long ago. That smirk would fit tony PERFECTLY.


All in all its an amazingly detailed figure with lost of accessories AND extra armor with BATTLE DAMAGE MAN!!!! Battle damage is the SHIT! There are more picture below if you are interested. Also the figure does not have a price yet but most likely be released later today on the sideshow collectibles website in which i will update once it is revealed.



Release Date and price has dropped and…DAMN hes just as expensive as a DX figure….without the DX, judging by Iron Man’s popularity im not really that surprised but still….probably one of the most expensive normal Hot Toys to date.

Iron Man MarkVii 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure

$249.99 Pre Order  Est. Release March 2013



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  1. Assfloss

    I want that action figure. IT SHALL BE MINE!

  2. falsetto

    Awesome but at what price?

  3. Smileyomama

    Hey It is tony stark acting like Robert Downey jr

  4. Onryu

    Price is currently $249.99.

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