Jul 27

2012 Toy Fairs Exclusive Captain America (Rescue Uniform Version) 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure

“Hot Toys is proud to present the Captain America (Rescue Uniform Version) Limited Edition Collectible Figurine of from the Captain America: The First Avenger movie as the 2012 Toy Fairs Exclusive item. The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Chris Evans as Captain America/ Steve Rogers in the movie.”


When i first saw this figure i was pretty pumped because i like Captain America….but then i saw what little accessories it comes with and the price. Hot Toys wants 219.99$ for this figure which in my opinion is a HUGE rip off. This figure should not be more than 180$. If they added his Motorcycle with it then hell yea 219? sign me up…but no what you see is what you get and i am not impressed i will just pass on this one and wait for The Avengers Captain America to drop this December. The clothing and attention to detail is amazing but just not enough for the price. Now on to the Headsculpt.


Im sorry to say but this headsculpt looks nothing like Chris Evans. I mean it has amazing attention to detail but am i the only one that does not see Chris Evans in this? the nose and chin are iffy looking to me, and the eyes are a bit off. Also didn’t Chris Evans have light brown hair in the movies? I know it ma sound like i am nit picking at small things but cmon…would YOU want to pay 220$ for something that is anything below perfect?


Like i said before i will pass on this figure unless i can find it between 180-190 other than that i dont see the purpose of this figure unless your a HARDCORE Captain America fan or really love anything to do with Chris Evans. There is a Link to where you can buy it and more pictures below if you are interested.

Hot Toys 2012 Toy Fairs Exclusive Captain America (Rescue Uniform Version)

219.99$ Available Now






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  1. Hughmonclo

    First time I saw the headsculpt I said “…who the hell is that?”

  2. Gio


  3. Gio

    Haha I was waiting for this post and not to be an a** hole to the creater but this looks more like Ken from Barbie then captain amercia … can I get an amen ?!?! thank you vash for posting this

  4. HRZONE2


  5. Smileyomama

    I’m pretty sheer that the actor has a different hair color

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