Jul 29

RUMOR WiiU Price $299.99

There is a big rumor that the WiiU is going to be priced at $299.99.


What do you guys think about this price? Honestly i love nintendo and will buy almost anything they release but for a console that is about ummm lets say FIVE YEARS BEHIND with todays gaming technology i dont feel it should be $300 unless they really step their game up….because i dont know about you but i was a teenie it disappointed with Nintendo’s E3 presentation this year.
Promoting games that are going to be 1 or 2 years old on your console is NOT a good marketing strategy….Most gamers already have played and enjoyed those games already. Why would i buy a WiiU to play Mass Effect 3 again? Or Batman Arkham City again? ZombieU looks good and all but im getting the Red Steel vibe with that game if you catch my drift.

Here is the link to the article if you woud like more information.




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  1. canadiangamer

    nintendo’s been releasing so many shitty products in recent years that there is no way I’m gonna bother with this for $300. it’s just another gimmicky console like the wii. if they made something more like the gamecube (you know back when gaming was about GAMES) i’d buy it at any price. but I have long lost confidence in this company.

  2. DarkDigiDragon

    Like canadian said it’s not only way too overprice but like you said it’s about five or more years behind our current gaming and it wouldn’t even be acceptable because it’s not a fully fledged console and is kind of embarrassing they would even ask for such a price considering that and their E3 presentation.

  3. Antonio

    To me it is not worth it because nintendo usually gets people over excited for something most people won’t and don’t like, I love nintendo but I just don’t think it’s worth it

  4. Deotay

    I used to be on the WiiU team but for 300$…no, just no. This console seems gimmicky enough, and that’s all Nintendo can work worth because they can’t compete against giants like Microsoft or Sony. They’re using the wrong gimmicks and they should be doing things much like the Ouya which would have much more appeal to the non-casual gamers. Instead they insist on using the gimmicks that mostly appeal to younger audiences.

  5. Warren

    How can you guys say its over priced when you bought a PS3 or Xbox 360 for about double this price.

    1. vashtheadmin

      because the ps3 and xbox came out in 2006-2007 so why would i pay 300$ for a console that should have came out 5-6 years ago? Thats like paying 300$ for a PS2 after the gamecube and xbox has been out for 5 years already. Unless they show me something truly unique and “Next Gen” instead of promoting year old games then its too much.

      1. Warren

        Why do you say it should have came out 6 years ago?

        1. vashtheadmin

          have you seen any games on it or anything about it? besides the gimmicky touch pad the system is going to run at the same power as a 360 and ps3. what i mean by it should have came out 6 years ago is that was when this technology was new…just because nintendo is finally releasing a system powerful enough to run like a xbox and ps3 why would i waste my money when i can buy the game on my xbox or ps3? unless its a game thats solely for the WiiU theres no point when you can play the same games on your ps3 or xbox. like the example i used in the post. they were promoting Batman and Mass effect 3, and also Darksiders 2….which are all available on the other systems. i dont want to pay 300$ to play it on the WiiU lol also this is probably the most expensive system Nintendo has If this rumor is true.

          1. Warren

            The Wii U has more than just these ports.

      2. Warren

        Compare the Wii U launch titles to the PS3 launch titles, do you really think it belongs there.

        1. vashtheadmin

          if you take away all the “older” games then yes it does. honestly the WiiU should have launched with the ps3 and xbox to be on the same technilogical level as it was before where you can get almost all games on all 3 systems. you can rarely get a good multi platform game for the wii. but regardless i love nintendo so i will probably do as i did with the 3DS…buy it and have it sit there for 6-8 months until theres something good to play on it

          1. Warren

            What makes you think that its technology is from 6 years ago?

  6. DirtyPopsicle

    I haven’t done much with Nintendo systems since the GameCube. I was also disappointed when the wii came out on the market cause to me it seemed like a glorified GameCube with shitty motion controls. Now with this “new” console coming out, with the touch controls its as if I’m having déjà vu. Like they’ve decided to make a gaming console from the schematics of the 3ds. I know Nintendo can do better it just seems like a cash dump now.

  7. Tyrone

    The WII U does not look very promising. Unless the games are their own game and not a repeat(which so far i have not seen any aside from Zombie U) then will I be excited, but E3 did not help the WII U at all.

    1. Warren

      Pikmin 3 ,Project p-100,Tank Tank Tank,Rayman Legends,Nintendoland and the mario game.You haven’t seen these.

      1. Tyrone

        I forgot about those, but I still don’t think that the WII U would be worth paying what the PS3 and X-Box cost now.

        1. Warren


  8. Shock

    You’re spot with how I feel about ZombieU lol
    In my eyes, it’s the abundance titles at launch that should justify the price of a new console, as well as it’s specs. And for all you people that think graphics don’t make the game, think of all the multiplatform titles that Wii missed out on because it couldn’t run half of some of the finest games of this gen 🙁

  9. Cole Rogers

    I’m pretty sure the price will change eventually once sales kick in. In my opinion, I don’t think it’s a “new console,” but an add on to the Wii. Yea sure there are some older games, but those are probably for the gamers who weren’t fortunate enough to get an Xbox360 or PS3. The only thing to do now is sit back and wait and see if Nintendo has a hidden ace up their sleeves that they aren’t telling us about yet.

    1. Tyrone

      That is a good point, but after all it is just a rumor.

      1. Bloo

        What vash is trying to say is what is the point of spending 300$ on a wiiU if can that spend that money on a ps3 or Xbox. That’s the price should be lower because it’s he same thing as a psp. But the wiiU is more expensive.

        1. DirtyPopsicle

          The starting price is obviously not working for 8/10 of us. It’s still going to be fun to play either way but price does not dictate how great a system is. It’s only part of what makes a good system. Fun is the only thing I look forward to.

          1. Cole Rogers

            yea i mean they are making pikmin 3, tank tank tank, which i played the arcade version of at disney quest and stayed on it for a long time, new super mario bros. u, zombiu, and project p-100. this is just a sneek peek at what good nintendo games that will come our way.

  10. lightning116

    The casual gaming market, as much as everyone hates to admit it, easily overshadows the hardcore gaming market. Nintendo would be crazy to not continue going in that direction. I miss the days when game were actually GAMES and not MOVIES like some big titles currently or are being released or how Sony and Microsoft are trying to get into that same casual gaming market (which they’re barely getting a scratch off of).

    I will admit that $300 is a bit off, at least $250 would’ve been off. But only time will tell with the games that come afterwards.

  11. Phil

    Vash, you are really misinformed… No, the Wii U is far superior to the PS3 and 360. It would cost Nintendo way too much money to even get their hands on the outdated tech those consoles are made of. It IS a next gen console. I really don’t know where you got you’re info from. Do more research next time.

    1. vashtheadmin

      This article was written after only watching Nintendo’s disappointing E3 presentation….. they may say its more powerful and its so “advanced” but where is it? Where is this power? Is it the tablet? Your entitled to your opinion as so am I but my views were judged from what I’ve seen and what I see is nothing new or “next gen” looks like an HD Wii to me. My opinions will.change with the development of better games for this system but as of now it does not live up to my definition of “next gen” to me.

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