Aug 01

Resident Evil 6 Adds New Ada Campaign And Agent Hunt Multiplayer!

Yea you heard right…Ada now has her own confirmed playable campaign in Resident Evil 6 which makes the game have 4 different campaigns which shows off different style of Resident Evil action.


Here is a snippet from the Capcom Unity Page about the new campaign

“As if RE6 weren’t big enough already – in addition to three lengthy campaigns, we can today confirm Ada Wong will appear in her own dedicated campaign that’s accessible once you’ve cleared Chris, Leon and Jake’s stories. Coverage is hitting all over the web today, so be sure to check around for more details.”


Are you guys more excited that there is SO MUCH to offer in this game coming soon? Or are you guys wondering how Capcom will rip you off this time? Does this game sound too good to be true? Or will Capcom FINALLY give the fans what they really want?


You can read the source article HERE if you wish


Thank You To Jahad Brown for the link to the article





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  1. Kenneth Rice

    The games sounds amazing and looks very good. However you kinda have to wonder if there are any glitches or twists that might not sit well with the fans of the series. In any case, I still want to play it and would love to see you do a walkthrough of it. Who knows what bootleg surprises Capcom through in this. How do you top punching a boulder the size of a car?

  2. Chris

    Man Vash I WAS excited for this game, like I was just on google everyday typing in RE:6 news. But ever since Capcom directly said that they are aiming for the Call of Duty audience, it just killed all excitement for me. I’m happy RE:6 is coming out but just not as excited as i was before :(.

  3. HRZONE2

    I’m not sure if I’m gong to play this game. I love RE, but I’ve never played the new gene games. I’ve only played 2, 3, and RE:CODEV I not really into the newer ones.

  4. MobTown

    Are You serious ?! This might make up for the lack of new Megaman games in my life! Please dont be an Assignment Ada(Even tho it was short fun)


      Well Capcom might of said that Ada has her own


        Playable story the. The next thing is you have to get it online. But they might actually make up for all the bulshit they have done. Plus Ada is a bitch she is a problem. Hope Chris kills that bitch!

  5. lanelayne

    I’m really excited to play this game. I have an idea about what you mean by “finally give the fans what they really want” but don’t consider myself part of that fan group. I like Resident Evil and can’t wait to play the next game in the series. As for it being too good to be true, etc. – I think I’ll just wait until I play the game to judge it.

  6. Kristi78968

    It’s a good thing that they added Ada, I never really expected her to have a campaign. I just thank god her campaign isn’t a add on you have to pay for. ‘-‘

  7. Slade

    Man really, is this the continue of resident evil 4. cuz i know there is an ada story in there. Honestly i have to look more into this game nd see what other bootleg crap is in there. i also want to know is vash going to do a walkthrough on the new metal gear solid game coming up. nd also dead space 3?

  8. HitBoxMaster

    “Content Disclaimer:

    Ada Campaign and any other extra features are not included in this DVD/Blue-ray disc/ Steam download. All of those features are going to be sold by way of downloadable content at a price to be disclosed in a future date.”

    So, yeah, that is pretty much what I’m scared off., or you all have forgot what Capcom did with RE: ORC?? Capcom scare me a whole lot more than zombies, with this addiction to selling DLCs

  9. Lh

    Just as long as we dont have to pay to get it.

  10. Karmonn J


  11. MASTERLeonSK

    Glad to know that this isn’t day one DLC. So hyped!

  12. VILE

    I have high hopes for RE6. I’m through with all these re-releases and day one on disc dlcs, and let’s hope none of that pops up come launch day 😀

  13. slayde

    Lot of people say its terrible but we dont know for sure but capcom fucked up big time if people dont like the trailer.

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