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DeadLight Somewhat Review And Thoughts Ft. SlasherJPC Video Review

Deadlight is a XBLA gam released August 1st 2012, Developed by Tequila Works.

This game is a twist on the Survival Horror/Zombie genre with it being a 2.5D sidescroller puzzle platformer instead of a typical third or first person shooter we are all so used to these days.


In the game you play as Randall Wayne in the year 1986, you are on a mission to find your wife and daughter that went missing during the zombie apocalypse when the “Shadows” took over. You have to figure out small puzzles, scale buildings, search for weapons and health, and all around kick zombie ASS.

Now the good about the game….its VERY refreshing to see something different and out of the norm with zombie games. Platformers are my favorite type of games so this game already was high on my want list since you rarely see games like this anymore. The animations are very fluid and all the cutscenes are in a comic book style similar to Metal Gear Solid PeaceWalker. Overall this game looks VERY unique and VERY good. I really liked the overall feel of the game and it kept me going and going as i got farther into the game. Now on to the bad…since every game has a bad.

Now i like the whole survival horror aspect of avoiding zombies etc….but the hit detection is ASS and i had a very hard time killing zombies with that semi useless fire axe you get at the beginning of the game. I also did not like how most of the puzzles and “sneaky” things they put around corners sort of slow the pacing of the game. What i mean by that is you run forward slide down a hill and get SMASHED by a trap left for zombies….you would have NO way in hell avoided that unless you already knew it was going to happen. Which then brings me to the trial and error aspect of the game. i have no problem with trial and error but it would turn away most people that dont have the patience to keep trying and figure it out. Also the game is unbelievably short….i finished the game in an hour and 54 mins and thats VERY short for a game they are asking 15$ for this game easily could have been 8$ to 10$ instead….or make the game longer or add things to keep you playing.’ I honestly went back into the game to collect all the junk i missed before but to a normal person they just beat it and move on to the next thing.


In my opinion this was a very enjoyable game for the short amount of time i played it…it might frustrate a few people but if you like puzzle platformers give it a try…at least give the demo a try and see if you think its worth the money. I was on the fence about it at first until i remembered that i payed 60$ for games that were a little longer than this one like FEAR 3 my first playthrough of that game was a little over 3 hours so i said what the heck and bought it.

If you would like a video review a friend of mine by the name of SlasherJPC did a review on it which i will be featuring below.



August 1, 2012

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    Haha monkey. Anyway it looks cool. But it’s not to long. When I get a game I like to pass it and then mess around. But it looks cool especially these days it’s all 1st and 3rd person shooting.

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