Aug 05

Zelda Skyward Sword Wii 14.99 Best Buy (Reward Zone Offer)

Yes you read right The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword is only $14.99 if you sign up for the FREE reward zone card at Best Buy.


As far as i know this is in store ONLY and can no be done online so sorry for the people that dont have a Best Buy near by.


Im also not 100% positive how long this sale is going on for so grab your copy of Zelda dirt cheap now because cmon….how many times do you EVER see a first party Nintendo game lower than 50$? Also is FRIKKEN ZELDA!!




  1. AJ

    will get

  2. VILE

    Nice, especially considering it took nearly FIVE YEARS to make Twilight Princess lower than $50 on Wii lol

  3. John

    I wasn’t a fan of Skyward Sword at all…

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