Aug 07

HUGE Uncharted 3 Patch 1.13

Everything you need to know is in the video below. Enjoy.

Also this actually makes me want to get back into the MP for a little bit 😀



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  1. killercandy

    Looks pretty dam good and awosome to me

  2. Darkacez1

    This would be awesome if I could play multiplayer but for some stupid reason the online code I used to play has stopped working and now I have to input another code which I don’t have.

  3. Slayde

    This is actually cool i might get uncharted 3

  4. Shadow

    Looks pretty much worth it for me. Yeah I’m gonna be playing the shit out of this game…

  5. Ashley

    I love you Wadeyy, you’re a beast at this game.<3 🙂

  6. Tyrone

    This is probably one of the best patches I’ve seen. Now all I need is money….

  7. slayde

    wow sounds decent i dont have the game but if i get it i will play it massively

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