Aug 07

WiiU Game Box Art Revealed!

According to Amazon Canada A couple WiiU Titles were listed up for Pre-Order which revealed the WiiU Box Art.


Looks…plain and simple right? I was just hoping they didnt put the spine logo on the wrong side like they did with 3DS games…that bugs the CRAP out of me.


Do you guys think its legit?


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  1. canadiangamer

    nice art, nice games, crap system.

    1. Tyler

      Crap system? Says who, your ignorance?

    2. 557deadpool

      Darth Vader finds you’re ignorance…disturbing

  2. Slayde

    I agree with canadian gamer!

  3. darklin0

    Looks simple and its not obnoxious like the Xbox green box so I am okay with it. Went to go look at my 3DS game boxes and barely noticed that…

  4. Gee

    It looks almost too simple =/

  5. FrostFlurry92

    I personally don’t care about the box art, but it does kinda make me think of Blue Ray DVDs.

  6. Gee

    It doesn’t look very pretty but it’s still okay.

  7. LongJohndDee

    I like it but I do thin that old gamecube games had the best boxes… not to mention that the damn things were nearly indestructible in my experience.

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