Aug 13

New Super Mario Brothers 2 Mystery Celebrity UPDATE!

What are your guys guesses? because mustache n all…she kinda cute.

With the launch of NSMB2 coming this friday (EU) (August 17th 2012) And hitting the States Sunday (August 19th 2012) Nintendo Europe has released this picture with the hashtag for twitter #moustache

People all over twitter have been guessing Kiera Knightley, Zelda Williams, Natalie Portman?

I bet she’s probably an upcoming European model or something.

So again…who do you guys think she is?



Well what do you know…it is Penelope Cruz 😀 Here is the Ad below enjoy


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  1. Max

    It’s Anne Hathaway. She just cut her hair short, plus her eyes (unless i’m mistaken) are brown

  2. smecking

    That’s Natalie Portman or I’m the dead pope.

  3. Name...

    Im just throwing this her eyes are im propably really wrong kim kardashians eyes

  4. Name...

    Im just throwing this but her eyes seem like kim kardashians eyes

  5. Joel McCoy

    I’d say Rachel Weisz

  6. chiqui_chai

    it looks like victoria justice or natalie protman any of the 2

  7. Antonio


    It’s Penélope Cruz and yup, she’s gorgeous.


    Don’t know why but it looks like a Kardashian?!?! Maybe in going crazy!!

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