Aug 24

Walking Dead The Game Episode 2 Stats Trailer *SPOILER ALERT*

If you have not played this amazing game yet and plan to, i suggest you just look away right now because the video below is a HUGE spoiler.

I remember right after i finished this episode i posted my results on twitter a lot of people were giving me crap because of my choices i made during the game. i dont regret any of the choices i made and the one people gave me the most stink over was probably the only choice i made INSTANTLY.

Well enough about me and my choices because you guys will experience it soon enough in my playthrough of these games. Just enjoy the video below 🙂



  1. Natalie

    This episode was extremely difficult decision wise. It’s interesting to see that most people killed the first brother but not the second. I guess Clem’s reaction made everyone feel bad because it sure as hell did for me

  2. Kevin

    hell i didn’t took the supplies.

  3. bloo

    Glad larry died. he wad a pain in my ass!

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