Sep 13

Official WiiU Pricing And Release Date And Thoughts

Well the WiiU is now OFFICIALLY being released November 18th 2012. The WiiU will have two versions coming out on that day.

The first version is the $299.99 White Version Which is going to come with an 8GB Harddrive  and practically be your bare bones pack. System and controller  is all your getting with this one.

The second version is the $349.99 Premium Black version which will be stocked with a 32GB Harddrive and will come with NintendoLand with of course the system, controller, cords etc.

Now here is what i have to say about the WiiU, aft first i was very skeptical about this system. ive always been all for Nintendo since the N64 was practically my word for a very long time. I jumped all over the Gamecube was loved it. I then dove all over the Wii and loved it….until i started to notice there wasn’t too much to play on it. The Wii felt like a gimmick to me and not really a system. I still till this day just use my Wii to play gamecube games and rarely play any Wii titles (I only really play the “Hardcore” Wii Games).

Once i finally got my hands on the WiiU at PAX i had….FUN! surprisingly Nintendoland was a lot of fun especially the animal crossing candy mini game. That seems like something i could have fun with when a bunch of friends are over. i think got to see ZombiU. NSMBWU, and Rayman Legends, Along with Pikmin 3. Hope, love, and excitement filled my heart those 3 days at PAX for Nintendo and i can not WAIT to get my hands on a WiiU

So far the only issue i have is that if i want the premium im STUCK with a black system…i dont want another black system dust and fingerprints PLAGUE my room and sitting there for 5 mins would make my WiiU look like its been there an eternity. i also think that white in my opinion just looks a little more sleek to me especially on my shelf…but you cant win em all. I am actually going to preorder my WiiU this weekend and i cant wait for the release November 18th.


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  1. Deotay

    Honestly I’ll stay away from the WiiU until I hear some glowing reviews on it. Otherwise I’ll invest into another next-gen console or a stronger computer because I feel like Nintendo was late the party. Hopefully they’ll get some good 3rd party support for the WiiU and we’ll see some really unique stuff from it.

    1. jon

      Late to the party? It’ stronger then the current gen console… It’s impossible to even make a console with tech that outdated without spending extra money. Please, stop spreading your ignorance.

  2. Tyrone

    The WII U does seem a little late, but I think the WII U is starting to look better. I think Nintendo is trying to combine the WII and the GameCube, and I loved the GameCube. The memory seems a little small, but then again, I don’t know how much memory the games will take up.

  3. Gsprfdude

    My thoughts on the Wii U are… varied. Basically i love nintendo, i still remember playing my first game ever on the SNES, and i have to say it has gone down hill form the gamecube. I will most likely be getting a wii u anyway its just that i forsee many problems, such as the fact that you are supposed to use motion controls with the controller. The wii could barely get that right, and even then it was flimsy at best. Don’t get me wrong i love nintendo. But what i want more than anything in this whole-wide world, is for nintendo to make a ‘normal’ console. A console lacking gimmicks, just normal, they got it right with the gamecube (Gamesphere anyone?) many things im looking forward to about the wii u and many things not so much

  4. Mrbojangles

    The wiiu looks to be a nice console. Although the memory sounds like it is lacking memory the thing is is that’s ssd memory, much faster than normal hard drives so anything loaded onto it should load faster than something on an xbox. The games also look to be cool too as I can’t wait for the pikmin-like action game wonderful 101. Looking to be much better than the wii and something I’d love much more than a new xbox or ps3.

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