Oct 30

The Games Of October 30th 2012

Well today is October 30th which means that a ridiculous amount of games came out.


Silent Hill Book Of Memories

Assassins Creed 3

Assassins Creed Liberation

Zone Of The Enders HD Collection

Okami HD

And More….

I know there are many more out there but what did you guys pick up ASAP today? or what are you going to pick up soon?

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you already know that i have AC3. i also picked up Zone Of The Enders HD Which i am actually playing right now. I’m going to pass on the Silent Hill game, i think sometime later i will pick up Liberation. I already own Okami and i did not like WWE13 all that much but may pick it up when its cheaper to play with my uncle.

So tell me…..what are you guys getting? let me know 😀


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  1. sumthing

    vash why are you telling me this I’m fucking broke 😀

  2. ColinJoyce

    Assassin’s Creed 3 for sure been wanting to play it since the first game play shots, WWE13 i may pick it once its a bit cheaper

  3. Newbasaurus

    Damn, Now I feel super poor. Gonna get AC3 and then Hitman Absolution. And then comes December-February…

  4. TikiNoshman

    I want AC3 but i’m goddamn broke. Fuck it, to the pole!

  5. Viewtifulyoshi

    I’m saving up my money for the Wii-U.

  6. Tyrone

    Man I want AC 3 sooo bad but I’ll just wait till Christmas. There aren’t any other games I want that came ou Oct. 30th.

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