Nov 07

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Trailer And Thoughts




I dont know how you guys feel…but i SQUEALED when i saw Cross Play….with one of my best friends in the military he cant really keep a system plus i doubt he’d buy a Nintendo system again anyway….but i KNOW he’d buy a 3DS for MH3U and i’m pretty excited 😀

What do you guys think? MH fan? Not an MH Fan? Personally i never really liked MH because of its difficulty i NEVER figured out the amazing art of roll dodging…id always for some reason get hit, but it was the only game my soon to be best friends owned and played together all the time back when online gameplay was still young. I can honestly say ill never play these games alone but whenever a new MH comes out its another chance for all of us to get back together again just like old times 😀

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  1. darklin0

    Man am I excited for this, its one of my all time favorite portable games and with Cross Play I can play on the TV as well. Can’t wait for March next year, I wonder if it will be as funny as trying to play on the PSP.

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