Dec 02

Humble THQ Bundle

Well guys its that time of year again when the Humble Bundle comes a knockin.

This time they are selling 7 THQ games with the Average being 5.64$ to get Saints Row the 3rd AND you get the soundtracks for the games . Thats 7 FLIPPING GAMES for 5 bucks, plus its for charity. If you dont care about getting Saints Row The 3rd you can donate what you want to get the other games.

The games on the list are

Saints Row the 3rd (5.64$ Minimum)


Metro 2033

Red Faction Armageddon

Company Of Heroes

Company Of Heroes Opposing Fronts

Company Of Heroes Tales Of Valor

Ive never played Company Of Heroes but this looks like a good time to try them out

Have fun guys 😀 You can buy HERE