Jan 03

Hot Toys New Advanced True Type Bodies

Set for a release of Q1 2013 hot toys has shown off their new true type bodies. If your into custom 1/6 scale figures then you know the importance of these true types.  Here is a little extra information below about the figures from the sideshow toy website.


Sideshow Collectibles is proud to bring you the Sixth Scale Advanced Muscular Body from Hot Toys – TrueType Basic Series. The TrueType body features over 38 points of articulation. With the innovation Hot Toys is best known for, this is one of the best 1:6 scale figure bodies available – the perfect base for any 1:6 scale fabric costumes, accessories, or portraits to create unique custom figures.

There are 3 bodies to choose from this time, one more than last years true types.  Last year you only had a choice between muscular or slender shoulder bodies. This time around you now have slim, slender shoulder, and muscular bodies to choose from.   Besides added shoulder articulation I noticed the ankle parts which I assume can make  the figure a little taller or a little shorter.

My only issues I have with these bodies is they don’t come with the celebrity head sculpts anymore….but are still the same price. Getting less and paying the same amount. I guess it makes sense because those head sculpts we’re not really used but I mainly used them to give a temporary head for the custom figure I was working on at that time.

Regardless I’m excited about the added articulation in the muscular bodies because they were pretty assy. Plus they claim these bodies would be perfect for custom Arnold figures and now I can finally get to work on my police shoot out terminator figure I’ve always wanted.

All the links for the figured are located below.

Slim Body
Regular body
Muscular Body