The Gaming insanity Get Fresh Crew


Vash12349 is the name. Some say it comes from the Bionic Dolphin, Some say it comes from Vash The Stampede. Who Knows?

I Create Commentated Video Game Playthroughs For Youtube. Add A dash of bootleg comedy and you have little ole me.

I Started out on youtube back in 2008 with a playthrough of The Bouncer. One of my all time favorite PS2 games. After that Resident Evil 4 which took youtube by storm. The popularity of this playthrough is what kick started my career on youtube. After a few more playthroughs my Metal Gear Solid 4 Playthrough sealed the deal becoming one of my most memorable and fan favorite playthrough to date.

Ive been a gamer since the day i was born with my NES Controller in one hand and a Sega Controller in the other.

I share a house with a seal, rat, and turtle. I love to create i do a lot of drawing, art, creating Vinyl Figures, and custom art on shoes. Im also a big time collector of Video Games, Movies, Comic Books, and 1/6 Scaled Figures.

I never expected this youtube thing to take off but its become such an amazing hobby of mine that i enjoy it so much and would not change anything. Thank you all for sticking with me through the worst of times and the best of times.


Samantha “Sammy” Brooks

Every bodies favorite Potty mouthed seal. The Star of the show. Sammy is a Harbor Seal with a bad attitude. living with his best friends his goal in life is to make sure everyone is miserable around him so he can laugh about it later. As a pup his mother got his name mixed up with his sisters name which is why his name is samantha but either way he would be screwed because his sisters name is Taylor. Even though he seems like a big jerk hes a very loving and loyal friend, and a blast to be with. If only you keep him happy with lots of fresh strawberries. Obsessed with Nicki Minaj and Bruce Willis Sammy is here to take the world by the BAWLS!


Mackenzie “Mac” Blur

Sammy’s best friend and worst enemy. He is a brown Fancy Rat with one of the most annoying voices you will hear in your life. Extremely messy and with his love for peanuts he does his best to keep up with the sammy and the rest of the gang. He is really soft and a pushover but will stay loyal to his best friends. He loves Jessica Alba but Dislikes not being with Jessica Alba. Sounds a lot Like Vash’s Life. Skydiving, Cattle Wrangling, Professional Nipple Twister, and living on the edge is exactly the opposite of what This Fancy Rat Does. Always up for an adventure of not going anywhere he will be there when needed most….Because he does not have anything else better to do. We all love him and you should too.



Gustavo “Guss” Royalty

Guss is a VERY simple Galápagos Tortoise from Ecuador. With the mind of a child he enjoys the simple life of eating cookies off the floor, and smelling things. He is the new guy around these parts and is slowly becoming a part of the family. He also loves him some Bruce Willis too with his favorite Christmas movie being Die Hard. Its hard for him to get along with Sammy because of his very kind and innocent nature that sammy can not corrupt because Gus is slower than your average bear….he also flips him on his back a lot which is never any fun. His Favorite Foods consist of apple sauce and Frosted Flakes. Always there when you need a hug or a laugh hes the best turtle you could ever have.